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Church Event Ideas

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Church is not only a great avenue to connect more with God, but it is also a place where individuals and families are looking for social gathering and community events. Coming up with new church event ideas can become difficult every year! Whether you are looking for some fun church activities to do on a budget, youth events ideas for church, or ideas for church fellowship events, we’ve got you covered.

Church Rummage Sale

Plan out a church rummage sale to declutter your ministry space and raise funds for your youth group, kids ministry, or for a charitable cause. You can invite church attendees to bring in donated items to sell and promote the event in your neighborhood. Put up signs and post it to social media.

Museum Day

Whether you are wanting to plan fun church activities for kids, teens, or families, a museum day is a sure to be a crowd-pleaser! Plan a day where your group visits a local museum and explores all that it has to offer. The possibilities are endless — science museums, children’s museums, art museums, natural history museums, and so much more! Museum visits are not only educational, but they also provide inspiration for people to create, question, and connect. Encourage your group to ask questions, find an exhibit that speaks to them, and create memories with one another!


Over the years, bowling has remained a classic fun pastime for children, teens, and adults alike. Plan an afternoon or evening of bowling for your church community. Add an extra layer of fun by inviting attendees to wear 80’s gear to get pumped up for the event! Bowling is an awesome activity for the whole family because people of many skill levels can play. Whether bumpers are put up or a ramp is needed, a game of bowling is something most can participate in and enjoy.

Mental Health Fair

Plan out a mental health fair in your ministry space and invite mental health professionals to speak on various topics to bring about mental wellness. You can have local organizations set up booths that correlate to different aspects of mental health. Toward the end of the event, invite experts to sit on a Q & A panel and have attendees ask questions about mental health. This portion of the fair can also be set up to be anonymous by having attendees write out questions and drop them in a box. Have questions read aloud by a designated leader.

Church Community Garden

Are you wanting to host an event that will bring your church together as a team for longer than just one afternoon? Gardening is an excellent way to bring all ages together for a common goals that include growing nutritious produce, and sprouting beautiful blooms. If your ministry space has land, you may want to start there, but if you don’t, get connected with an existing community garden, farm, or other nature center to see how to get involved. Produce that is yielded from your garden can be donated to neighbors, presented at a church picnic, or be given to a local food bank. What better way to love your community than through the gift of food!

Movie Outing

Get a group together and go out to the movies after church! Have attendees vote on pre-researched movies to watch and go to the winning choice! Splurge on popcorn, candy, hotdogs, and all the other classic movie theatre snacks. Check to see if your local movie theatre has discounted prices to reserve a whole theatre if you are wanting a more close-knit experience. Another great option is to host a movie night at a volunteer’s home. This could keep costs low and you can bring as many snacks as you would like!

Morning Hike

Set aside some time on a Saturday morning to explore a local hiking trail, or if you are feeling extra adventurous, trek out to a trail a bit farther away with your group. Explore and enjoy what nature has to offer by strolling through, examining native plants and animals, and enjoying the company of one another.

Hopefully some of these church event ideas were helpful to you and your ministry context. Feel free to adapt any of these ideas to better fit your church’s needs. Whether you are needing fun church activities to plan with families or youth events for church, these church ideas will definitely be crowd pleasers!

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