Break Out Dodgeball - Grow Youth & Kids Ministry Curriculum


Dodgeball is a great game! It has been played in youth groups since the beginning of time! But this version has a twist, can you get out of jail to help your team or can you help free a teammate?


  • DODGEBALLS. Normal dodgeballs will work just fine. If you can’t use normal dodgeballs in your area you can use rolled up socks.
  • TAPE. Enough to make three lines across your playing area.



  • THE PLAYING AREA. Place a line of tape across the middle of your playing area to divide the playing area. Next, place two lines of tape one each side of your playing area about five feet from the back ends of your playing field. This will create two jails(The small areas near the back of the playing field) and the dodgeball area(The large areas divided by the middle strip of tape).
  • THE SET UP. Place all of the dodgeballs on the center line and your ready to be played.



  • SPLIT YOUR TEAMS. Split your group into two equal teams. Each team must choose one player to start out in jail. They will move to the other teams jail.
  • DODGEBALL. Play normal dodgeball rules.
  • JAILBREAK. When a person is hit by a dodgeball instead of being out like normal they will move to the other teams jail. While in that jail they are allowed to pick up any dodgeballs that are thrown or happen to roll into the jail. If they then hit a player on the opponent’s team they are allowed to move back into the normal playing area. If a player who is in their normal dodgeball area is hit by a player in jail they are not out. The first team to get the entire opponent’s team into jail or the team with the most people in jail at the end of time wins!



  • If you are playing in a gym with basketball goals. You can add a rule called “Jailbreak”, if a player sinks a half court shot their entire team can break free from jail. This is a big win but has risks as it will make it easy for an opponent’s team to catch the ball and get that player out.