One of Nehemiah’s goals was to build a wall around Jerusalem. In this game your teenagers will also build a wall but with cans.


  • EMPTY SODA CANS. Finally a reason to drink a lot of Dr. Pepper in the office, or any drink from a can. You will need a total of six per contestant you have playing. Three to four contestants is a solid number.
  • PAINT MIXER/RULER. You need one per contestant. It just needs to be a long flat piece of wood, long enough to hold and balance an empty soda can on the other end.
  • TABLE. You will need a separate table for each contestant. Doesn’t need to be anything large. Just big enough to stack three cans on without touching.



  • DRINK THE CANS. Make sure the cans are empty and washed out. You may also want to remove the tabs so that the tops are flat.
  • TABLES AND CANS. Place three empty cans in on the table and then next to the table place the ruler/paint mixer and three more empty cans.



  • CHOOSE CONTESTANTS. Choose three to four contestants to come up to play the game depending on the number of cans you have.

  • BUILDER. On “Go,” contestants will grab an empty soda can and balance it on their paint mixer. The objective is to hold the balanced can over one can on the table, then pull back on the paint mixer to allow the balanced can to land on the can sitting not the table. A contestant must land three cans on each of the three cans starting on the table. First contestant to accomplish this task wins!



  • Add another level to the game by putting sixty seconds on the clock and seeing how how a contestant can stack the cans. Tallest tower wins!