It seems like everyone has inflatable Christmas decorations in their yard these days. But what happens when they get a flat? Who will be the first team to fix-a-flat and get their inflatable Christmas decoration up and standing tall?!


  • CHRISTMAS INFLATABLE DECORATION. You will need one for each team you want to play. The bigger the inflatable the better but get whatever fits into your budget.
  • TAPE. You will need one roll of tape per group Duct Tape works the best for the price.
  • SCISSORS. To puncture the inflatables.
  • POWER OUTLETS. You might want to get some extension cords and splitters so each team can plug in from of front.



  • STAB SANTA! Take your scissors and put the same number of holes in each inflatable. Make sure that you have enough so that it won’t stand up on its own. Then put the inflatable back in the box it came in.



  • CHOOSE TEAMS. You will need three contestants per team depending on how many inflatables you have. Give each team their inflatable and a roll of tape

  • FIX-A-FLAT. On “Go,” each team will unbox their inflatable. They will need to use the tape to fix their Christmas inflatable decoration. They can either work with it plugged in and filling with air or with it unplugged. The first team that gets their inflatable to stand fully and stay standing for ten seconds wins!


  • Music is great during any game but an epic poppin Christmas playlist is a must for this game!