A lot like the classic game show “To Tell The Truth,” contestants will have to decide who they trust is telling an actual story about their life.


  • ADULT LEADERS. You need three to six adult leaders willing to be you question takers.
  • MARKER BOARDS. You need one for each contestant you will play with three to four is a great number.



  • INTERESTING STORIES. You will need to talk to your adult leaders and find out random facts about them that your teenagers don’t know. The crazier they are the better. (I.E. I was a Justin bieber body guard, or I am in the metal band “The Devil Wears Prada’s” music video for “Outnumbered”)
  • INTERESTING LAIRS. Each round you will need two adult leaders to pretend like they are the correct person. For this to work they will need to have a basic knowledge of what it would take to be the correct person. contestants will ask them questions to find out if they are the correct person, they need to be ready to try to answer these questions.



  • CHOOSE YOUR PANEL. Choose three to five contestants to play this game. Have them come forward and give each of them a marker board.

  • ADULT LEADERS. Bring up three adult leaders. One leader is telling the truth and the others are lying.

  • ASK QUESTIONS. Each contestant gets to ask each adult leader one question. The adult leader must answer the question the best they can.

  • DO YOU TRUST ME? Once all of the contestants have asked their questions. Have each of them write down their answers on their marker board and hold it out to the crowd. Once everyone has locked in their answers, have the adult leader who is telling the truth step forward. Each time a contestant is right they get a point. The contestant with the most points at the end wins!