This is not your grandmother’s Easter egg hunt! In this hunt the bunny fights back! Can you make it through the battle field that is the Extreme Easter Egg Hunt?


  • EASTER EGGS. You will need a lot of these! They don’t have to have anything in them. Find as many of the cheapest eggs you can!
  • NERF GUNS. You will need at least three but it would be better to have more so there isn’t a lot of reloading time.
  • OBSTACLES. This can be anything from chairs to tables on their sides.
  • TAPE. To mark of boundaries.
  • EASTER EGG BASKETS. You will need one per team.



  • THE EASTER EGG FIELD. Clear out a large area for the hunt. Place your obstacles. You want a good amount of open space so don’t put a lot of obstacles. On one end of your playing area put a line of tape to mark the safe zone for egg hunters and another on the other end for your Bunny Hunters. Spread out all your Easter eggs on the playing field. Place most of them on the side of your Bunny Hunters and only a few on the Egg Hunters side.
  • SAFE ZONE. Place your Easter egg baskets just on the other side of the safe zone for each team’s egg bank.
  • HUNTING ZONE. Place all of your nerf guns on the opposite side of the playing area for your Bunny Hunters.



  • SPLIT INTO TEAMS. Split your group into teams of five to six players. Have each team line up at next to their egg bank Easter egg basket.

  • GATHER EGGS. On “Go,” the first person in each line will run onto the playing field. They can grab a total of two eggs before having to run back and place their eggs in their basket. Once they have done this the next player can enter the playing field to gather two more eggs. If at any time while a player is in the playing field they get hit, they are out and have to go to the back of their line. They also must drop any eggs they may have collected.

  • THE HUNTERS. Have two to three adult leaders become you Bunny Hunters and allow them to shoot at players to protect their eggs. When all the eggs are gathered or a set amount of time has elapsed, the team with the most eggs wins!



  • Have one of your adult leaders dress up in a bunny outfit. Then have one or two more dress up as their body guards. This will take your game to another lvl!