Have you ever wanted to wear your favorite pair of shoes but couldn’t find one of the shoes? This game will help you get better at finding both shoes in a pinch!





  • THE LIST. Before you play the game you will want to come up with a list of shoes to find. These need to be based on the size of your group. Here are some examples.
    • Three shoes sized eight
    • One red shoe
    • Biggest pair of shoes
    • Smallest pair of shoes
    • Five shoes with red on them


  • SPLIT INTO TEAMS. Split your group into four equal teams. Have them take off their shoes and put them into a pile towards the front of the room. Then have each team line up at the back of the room touching the back wall.

  • NUMBER TEAMMATES. Number each team’s players. This way each team has a player one through however many players are on a team.

  • CALL IT OUT. Have your host call out a players number. This will be the player for each team playing this round. Next the host will call out what shoe or shoes the players are looking for.

  • FIND THE SHOE. Once the host has called a player number and said what shoes you are looking for the players for that round run to the pile to try to find the shoes. Once they think they have their best option they take that shoe or shoes and put them at the hosts feet. The first team to successfully place the shoe or shoes at he feet of the host gets a point. Have everyone got back to their teams and reshuffle the shoe pile then play another round. The team with the most points at the end wins!