Everyone has that “friend” on social media that won’t stop sharing ridiculous E-Cards with cartoon characters on them. In this game if you are a bad guesser then you will be one of those those people!


  • DOWNLOAD SLIDES. Make sure you download all of the game slides.
  • DOWNLOAD E-CARDS. Make sure you download all of the E-Cards.



  • PREPARE SLIDES. Load all of the game slides into your presentation software.
  • PREPARE E-CARDS. Have your game host or a helper load all of the E-Cards onto their phone.
  • PICK A SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLET. You know your teenagers. Decide before you play this game which social media outlet will work the best with your group. (Myspace, LiveJournal, or we have heard there might be some newer ones)



  • CHOOSE CONTESTANTS. Choose three to five contestants to come up and play the game. They will need to have a phone and an account on the social media platform you have chosen to play with. Decide the order players will go in. Get verbal conformation from every player that they are willing to post the E-Card if they get the question wrong.

  • GUESS IT. Show instruction slides so everyone knows how to play. Then throw up the first question slide. Have the first contestant make their guess.

  • NEXT ROUND OR POST IT. If the contestant gets it right they stay in the game. If they get it wrong text them the actual E-Card and have them post it to their social media. Once they do this they are out and can go sit down. Move on by repeating the last two steps until you only have one player left! That player is the winner!



  • Depending on your group, you can have them hashtag your youth ministry just to get a little more traction for your ministry.
  • Have any adult leaders like and comment something fun and light hearted on the post to help it get caught by the algorithms.