Have you ever had a friend ask you if there was some food on their face? What about if there was a blender with lemons in it on their head? Well in this game you might get that chance as teenagers ask questions to figure out what is on their head.


  • BIKE HELMET. You will need two of these.
  • BOARD. This just needs to be big enough to hold whatever objects you will be using for the guessing.
  • ZIP TIES. You need a good number of these in various sizes.
  • MYSTERY ITEMS. You’ll need fourth eight items. They can be anything from a blender to a fork. The more random the better. Make sure you think about weight and who will be playing the game, don’t get something that will hurt someone if its sitting on their head.
  • CHAIRS. You will need two. One for each contestant.
  • SCISSORS. Sharpe enough to cut your zip ties.



  • THE HELMET. Take the board you have and cut it into two shelves for your helmets. Zip tie them to your helmet. You can spray paint the wood to the same color as your helmet or just black to make it look more professional.
  • THE SET UP. You can go ahead and zip tie your first two items to your helmets. But make sure you keep the mystery items hidden. Behind a table or off stage. Place your two chairs up front facing your audience.



  • CHOOSE YOUR CONTESTANTS. Choose two people willing to be your guessers. Bring them on stage to sit in your chairs.

  • PUT YOUR HELMET ON. Have adult leaders put on helmets on your contestants. Make sure the contestant cant see what’s on their head.

  • ASK YOUR QUESTIONS. Contestants will take turns asking yes or no questions about what is on their head (i.e. is it a food, is it electronic). If the contestant thinks they know what it is or wants to guess they must wait until it is their turn to ask a question. They may use their turn to guess. If they get it right they win. If not the next player has an opportunity to guess/ask a question. Once a player has correctly guessed what is on their head, players can take of their helmets to see what it is. Have adult leaders go behind a table or off stage and strap up the next mystery item. When a player correctly guesses what is on their head they receive a point, the player at the end with the most points wins!