If only we could all afford for Alex Trebek for come and host our game of Jeoparty! This game is exactly as it sounds a youth ministry take on Jeopardy!


  • DOWNLOAD SLIDES. Make sure you download all the slides needed for this game. There are a lot!
  • LARGE MARKER BOARD. A good sized marker board so that you can create the question board for your contestants to choose from. You can also make this with a poster board or large sheet of paper.
  • SMALL MARKER BOARDS. You’ll need one personal marker board for each contestant. This will be for final Jeoparty!
  • BUZZERS. You can buy a nice set of buzzers or get some bells. You can even use a few dog toys that squeak.



  • PREPARE SLIDES. Make sure you load all of the slides needed for this game into your presentation software.
  • CREATE JEOPARTY! BOARD. Use your large marker board and create the game board. Basically just a large 6×6 grid with the correct categories and money amounts.



  • CHOOSE CONTESTANTS. Choose two to four contestants to come up and battle. Ask a random question that only your teenagers would know and first to get it correct gets first pick of the board.

  • JEOPARTY! Allow your first contestant to choose a question. The first person to buzz in and answer correctly wins that amount of money. The contestant who gets the question right gets to pick the next question, if no one gets it right then the contestant who chose last picks again.

  • FINAL JEOPARTY! When you make it down to one question left or whenever you are ready for the game to end make the last question a final Jeoparty! This means contestants will be shown the clue and they will have 30 seconds to write down their answer and how much they want to wager. If they get it right they earn that much but if they get it wrong they lose that much. The contestant with the most money at the end wins!