Have you ever wondered what it would be like for Snakes to play Musical chairs? Look no further in this fast pace game of Musical Chairs!


  • CHAIRS. One less than the number of players you have.



  • SET UP THE PLAYING FEILD. Place one chair randomly inside your playing field for every player you have, minus one. For example, if you have ten players you need nine chairs in the playing field.
  • LOAD UP AN EPIC PLAYLIST. Music is a must have for any game of musical chairs and it’s no exception for Musical Snakes! (Loud and fast is always best)



  • CHOOSE THE HEAD OF THE SNAKE. This person will be the one person without a chair to start.

  • PLAYERS TAKE THEIR SEATS. Have everyone else find a chair and take a seat.

  • START BUMPING THAT EPIC MUSIC. When the music starts, the snake moves around the playing field. When they pass someone in a chair they offer their hand or wrist out and the player in the chair must grab on and follow the head like a snake. The last person in the snake can reach out and offer their hand/wrist to a player who has to grab on and become apart of the snake.

  • STOP THAT EPIC MUSIC. When the music stops the snake breaks and everyone runs to find a chair to sit in. The person who doesn’t get a chair is then turned into a landmine.

  • SET THE LANDMINE. Take the closest chair to the new landmine and remove it. The player in the chair becomes the new head of the snake and the landmine stands where the chair was. The landmine can not move their feet but can swing their hands around, not to hit players but to cause chaos when players are running to their chairs.

  • REPEAT. Start the music and keep going again and again until their are only three players left. When you get down to three players have an adult leader be the head of the snake and the three players follow behind them while the music plays. Leave only one chair in the center of the field. When the music stops the first to sit in their chair is the winner!



  • Add a new snake for every 20 or so players you have
  • Mix up game play by having the snake head choose how to move (Dancing, jumping, skipping)