Nehemiah 4:17 …who were rebuilding the wall. The laborers who carried materials did their work with one hand and a sword in the other! All we are doing to this verse is adding dodgeballs!


  • BOXES. You’ll need a lot of boxes. They can be varying sizes but think no bigger than a microwave sized box.
  • TAPE.



  • THE BATTLE GROUND. You will need to make three lines with the tape. One on each side of the playing area. This will be where each team will build their wall behind. Then one line in the middle to divide each side. Place a equal number of boxes on each side of the middle line. Place your dodgeballs on the middle line.



  • SPLIT INTO TEAMS. Split your group into two equal teams. Have each team line up on their wall for the game to begin. Each player is only allowed to use one hand during this game and will need to put the hand they are not using behind their back.

  • BUILD OR ATTACK. On “Go,” players can either go to retrieve boxes to build their wall or grab a dodgeball to try to knock down the opposing teams wall. If they decide to grab a box they are only allowed to carry one box at a time. Players are allowed to protect their wall if they are gathering boxes or throwing dodgeballs but no just standing around as a human shield. If a ball that is thrown is caught one handed by the other team the player who threw the ball is out! The team with the most blocks stacked up at the end of a predetermined ammont of time wins!