Everyone hates a pop quiz! So why would we want to force our teenagers to have one at Youth Group? Well this pop quiz has a fun twist, so let’s see if your teenagers can catch it!


  • POP QUIZ. Make sure to download the Pop Quiz PDF for this game.



  • PRINT QUIZ. Print out enough quizzes for every group you want to play. This is a great time to split teams into small groups.

  • PENCILS. You will need one for every team.



  • SPLIT INTO TEAMS. Split into teams of five to six players. This is a great opportunity to let your students team up by small groups.

  • PASS OUT THE QUIZ. Pass out the quiz sheets and pencils each with the test facing down. That way everyone will see the quiz at the same time.

  • EXPLAIN THE QUIZ. Explain that this is a pop quiz with questions and actions that need to be accomplished to finish. The first team to finish will win a prize. Don’t over play your hand on this last part. But just say something like “make sure you read the instructions”

  • GO! After explaining the quiz quickly say “Go” so they can start the quiz. The catch is that question 8 says not to answer any of the other questions and just text the host that they are finished. But most teams will skip instructions and just start the game. Try not to give anything away and let the teams just play how they want to play. If a team reads the instructions and texts the host without doing any of the questions they win. If they do a couple or all of them then figure it out they are disqualified.



  • This game can go perfectly or not so good. If it goes perfectly then some of the teams if not all of the teams will bite and just start the quiz. But if your teenagers are more awesome than the average youth group. They might all text quickly and win. This means you haven’t taken much time for this game. You might want to have a small minute-to-win-it style game waiting just incase if you need to fill time in your programing.