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Andy’s Coming


The first rule of being a toy is no one can see you. In this game, you better not let Andy (an adult leader) see you!

What To Get:

  • ARMY MEN. This can actually be any toy, you just need a lot of little toys. Try THESE.
  • BUCKET. You’ll need one bucket or bowl for each team.
  • TAPE. To create the playing field. HERE you go!
  • ADULT LEADER. Preferably named Andy, but any old adult leader will work!

What To Prep:

  • PLAYING FIELD. On one end of your playing field place a strip of tape to separate the playing field from the team areas. Place each bucket in the team area and spread all of the toys or army men out around the playing area.

How To Play:

  • SEPARATE INTO TEAMS. Split your group into equal teams, one team for each bucket. Have them stand in a single file line starting at the line of the playing field.
  • PLACE ANDY. Have your adult leader stand in the center the playing field.
  • SAVE THE TOYS. On “Go,” each team can send one “toy” (teenager) into the playing field. They are allowed to grab one army man to bring back to their bucket. When they get back across the line, they will put the toy into their team’s bucket and the next player can run into the playing field. At the end of the set amount of time, the team with the most toys in their bucket wins!
  • ANDY’S COMING!  The adult leader in the middle will close his or her eyes and slowly spin in circles. The adult leader will yell “Andy’s coming” and start counting down from a random number between one to ten. When the leader reaches zero, they will open their eyes, and any players they catch moving will need to drop their toys and return to their team’s line for the next person to start. Each teenager will need to decide how long he or she wants to risk moving based on the number the adult started counting on. To be safe when they open their eyes they must lay down on the ground like a toy in toy story when an adult comes in the room. If caught, they must return to their team empty handed. The adult leader may continue to turn around to see the whole room.

Pro Tips:

  • SOCIAL DISTANCE TIP. Make sure the army men are all clean before the game and spray them down between each round with disinfectant. Have teams stand apart from each other to keep with social distancing guidelines.
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