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Bubble Wrap Roulette


Ready for a new favorite among your students? Then be ready to play this game over and over again. Let’s play Bubble Wrap Roulette!

What To Get:

  • BUBBLE WRAP. You can buy rolls of the stuff at any hardware or office supply store near you.
  • OBJECTS TO POP THE BUBBLES. Be creative and look for unique, even bizarre, objects. A soda bottle, plastic hammer, squeaky toy for a dog, foam baseball bat, pool noodle, spatula, baguette. . . you get the idea.

What To Prep:

  • PREPARE THE WHEEL. Pre-load whichever objects you choose to use into the prize wheel found within the Stuff You Can Use games app.
  • DIVIDE THE BUBBLE WRAP. Cut the roll of bubble wrap into several equally sized sheets, one or two-foot squares should be perfect.

How To Play:

  • SPIN THE WHEEL. Bring up any number of students (two to four works just great.) Each student will spin the wheel to determine which object they get to use to pop the bubble wrap.
  • PLAY. When each student has an object put thirty seconds on the clock and let them start popping, using only the object they were given. After thirty seconds, stop them and see who has popped the most bubbles. You can’t get an exact count, so just feel around the bubble wrap and make a quick, arbitrary decision.

Pro Tips:

  • PRIZES. Think of a variety of bubble-themed prizes to give to the winners, a great prize for younger students, in particular, is to just give them the extra bubble wrap.


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