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Ducks Away


If you have ever wondered how far you can launch a rubber duck… then this is your game!

What To Get:

  • Water Balloon Launchers. You will need one per team.
  • Rubber Duckies. You will need a lot. You can get 100 of them from Oriental Trading here.
  • Kiddie Pools. Either plastic or the inflatable ones work great.
  • Large Outdoor Space.
  • Buckets. To hold the rubber duckies.
  • Cones. To make the shooting line.

What To Prep:

  • Target Zone. Fill the kiddie pool with water. Using your water balloon launcher, do a test and launch a rubber ducky to determine a good distance to put your shooting line. You want it hard but not impossible for them to launch them into the pool.
  • Shooting Line. After you find out where to your balloon launchers mark that with cones.
  • Ammo. Load the rubber duckies into two buckets near each launcher.

How To Play:

  • Split Your students Into Teams. Give each team a bucket of duckies and a water balloon launcher.
  • Launch the Duckies. The students will use the water balloon launchers to try and land as many duckies as they can in the pool.
  • Count the Duckies The team that lands the most duckies in the pool is the winner.
  • ELEMENTARY HACK: Put poles in the ground for holding the water balloon launchers.
  • PRESCHOOL HACK: Have teams toss their rubber duckies in the pools rather than launch them.

Pro Tips:

  • You can add more than one pool to the mix and assign point values to each pool.


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