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Name That Tune Right Meow


It’s the classic, “Name That Tune” game with a feline twist. Instead of listening to a line from a song and having to name the song, the crowd will meow a popular song as contestants try to, “Name That Tune Right Meow!”

What To Get:

  • DOWNLOAD SLIDES. Download all of the slides for the game.

What To Prep:

  • PREPARE SLIDES. Make sure you load all of the slides into your presentation software. A lot of songs are provided, but the .psd and .jpg files are there for you to create your own, if you want to.

How To Play:

  • CHOOSE YOUR CONTESTANTS. Choose two contestants to play. Tell them to face the crowd and stand where they cant see the screen.
  • RIGHT MEOW. Show the first song slide. Once the crowd sees the song, they may start meowing the song. They can only use the word, “meow” and nothing else. They can meow the words or the beat of the song. It is helpful if the crowd meows the same part of the song, but let them figure that out on their own. The first person to guess the song correctly wins a point, and the team with the most points at the end wins!

Pro Tips:

  • TIP: If you pick a song the contestants just can’t get, it can be helpful to have the songs in a playlist that you can start playing after some time to keep the game moving.
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