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Ping Pong Ball Frenzy


A great game that keeps your players running but also takes some strategy. Teams will try to collect ten ping pong balls, but each team can steal at any time!

What To Get:

  • PING PONG BALLS. You will need about fifty ping pong balls for this game.
  • BOXES/BUCKETS. You will need five total boxes or buckets for this game. One box/bucket will need to be big enough to hold all of your ping pong balls at one time.

What To Prep:

  • BOXES.You will need to place one box at each corner of the playing area. Next, place the box filled with all the ping pong balls in the center of your playing area.

How To Play:

  • SPLIT INTO TEAMS. Split your group into four equal teams. Have teams line up in a straight line by their team’s box.
  • COLLECT. On “Go,” the first runner from each team will run to the center box and grab one ball and bring it back to their team’s box. Once the ball is in the box the next player can go.
  • STRATEGY. This is where the strategy comes into play as the next player can either go to the center to get another ball or can grab a ball from another team’s box. The goal is to be the first team with ten balls in their box. Keep sending one player at a time until this goal is completed, first team to do this wins!


  • TIP. Have a couple adult leaders roaming to keep an eye on the boxes as you could have two or more teams close to winning at the same time!


    Jeremiah Herring

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