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The Floor is Lava


The classic child’s game and the popular Netflix game show is ready to become a classic student ministry game! Can you survive the longest? Watch out “The Floor Is Lava!”

What To Get:

  • COLORED ROCKS. You will need to print out as many colored rocks as your playing space will allow. Either print out the colored versions of the rocks or print the blank versions on colored paper, but you will need a close to equal number of each color.
  • TAPE. This will be to keep the rocks from slipping under players feet as they jump to them. You will be taking these rocks up during the game so painters tape works the best here. Grab some HERE.
  • COLOR SPINNER. You can either make your own or use a twister spinner. Or you can use the “Wheel” tool on the games app as your spinner!

What To Prep:

  • THE COURSE.Take all the colored rocks you have and tape them all around the floor of your playing space. You will want to make sure you have a few more rocks than players at the start.

How To Play:

  • 3…2…1 THE FLOOR IS LAVA. Start the game by shouting “the floor is lava” and have everyone find a rock to stand on.
  • SPIN AND GO. Spin your color wheel and once it lands on a color, shout it out. Every player will need to get to one of the rocks of that color. Players can jump to rocks that are not that color to get to the right color but must end on the chosen color for that round or they are out.
  • LAST PLAYER STANDING. If a player touches anything other than a rock they are our. If a player cant make it to a rock because they are too far away they are out. If there aren’t enough rocks for a player to get on for that specific color they are out.
  • PICK UP AND GO AGAIN. After each round have a few adult leaders pick up a few of the rocks players started that round on. So if the players were on yellow rocks and then had to move to red rocks then pick up a few of the yellow rocks. Once the rocks have been removed spin the wheel and play another round. Keep going until you have one winner!


    Jeremiah Herring

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