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The Happy Meal Remix


A classic youth ministry game with some added creativity! How quickly can you eat an entire Happy Meal?

What To Get:

  • HAPPY MEAL. You’ll need a Happy Meal for this game. You can get any Happy Meal, but make sure you have a drink with it.
  • BLENDER. Any blender will work for this game.
  • TABLE. You’ll need one table to play this game.
  • TARP. This will hide the blender but also keep the table clean.
  • CUPS. You’ll need a cup for every contestant.
  • TRASH CAN. Some contestants might think they can handle this game, but it’s best to have a big trash can for any of the mess. Make sure it has a clean, new bag in it so you can throw the bag away right after the game.

What To Prep:

  • HIDE THE BLENDER. Before anyone gets into the room, set up your tarp and table with the blender under the tarp so no one can see it.

How To Play:

  • CHOOSE CONTESTANTS. Only brave contestants need apply for this game. Choose the amount of contestants based on how many cups you have.
  • BLEND IT. Lay all of the items out on the table. But as you lay them out, make a big deal about realizing you only have one Happy Meal. Then, say you have a bright idea and uncover the blender. Make a big deal about if you blend it all together, you can split it evenly between all of your contestants. Then, start blending!
  • DRINK. Split the meal between the contestants’ cups and instruct them to all stand around the trash can. When you say, “Go,” everyone must start drinking the Happy Meal. The first contestant to fully drink the cup, or the last one drinking if everyone spits it out, is the winner!

Pro Tips:

  • TIP: This game is much better with an animated game host. Make sure you plan what you’re going to say and how you are going to say it.


    Jeremiah Herring

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