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Traffic Jam Knockout


This game gets everyone moving! It’s an extreme, musical-chairs-style game!

What To Get:

  • CHAIRS. You will need enough for everyone minus 2.

What To Prep:

  • THE SETUP. Clear the room so there is a big open space for the group to run from one side of the room to the other. You need a chair for everyone in your group minus two. Divide the chairs in half and set them on two walls opposite each other.

How To Play:

  • SPLIT THE GROUP. Split your group into two equal groups and tell them each to stand by a chair on their team’s side of the room (two people won’t have chairs–one on each side).
  • RACE ACROSS THE ROOM. When you say “Go,” teams will race across the room to sit in a chair. Two people (one on each team) will be left without a chair. They are out. Take away a chair from each side, and play again, taking away 2 (one from each side) chairs each round.
  • WINNERS! Eventually, there will be only one person left on each team–the winners!

Pro Tips:

  • You might want to pull the chairs a bit away from the walls. Students will run and try to slide into them. If they are against the wall and the student is pretty intense, you will leave holes in the wall.
  • If you must have one winner, put one chair in the middle of the room and have the last two students run back and forth, wall to wall, while music plays. When the music stops, the first to sit in the chair wins!


    Kenny Campbell

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