Big and Small

Big And Small


Do you ever stop and think about how big God must be? God created this whole world, all of the planets, and stars in the sky . . . God is really big! Knowing God is big can make us feel small and inconsequential. But the truth is, even the small things are a big deal to God. The story of Job will help everyone realize that even though we are small, God listens to our big feelings, God sees the big picture, God cares about every small problem, and we can also be a big help in small ways.

Week 1

BIG IDEA: We are small, but God is big.
SCRIPTURE: Job 1:1, 2:1-10; Psalm 8

Week 2

BIG IDEA: God listens when we have big feelings.
SCRIPTURE: Job 23:1-7; Hebrews 4:15-16

Week 3

BIG IDEA: God sees the big picture.
SCRIPTURE: Job 38:1-7; 34-41; Isaiah 53:4-12

Week 4

BIG IDEA: No problem is too small for God.
SCRIPTURE: Job 42:1-6; 10-17; Mark 10:46-52

Week 5

BIG IDEA: We can be a big help in small ways.
SCRIPTURE: Job 2:11-13; Psalm 146