Ever After

ever after


Fairytales are full of fantasy and imagination. We love them because they take what could be real and add extraordinary circumstances. But what if there was a story where the extraordinary circumstances were real? Could a story like this exist? This month, we are going to look at the story of Ruth to see how God truly writes the best stories for us — full of companions, hope, boldness, and the knowledge that God is always taking care of us!

Week 1

BIG IDEA: God gives us companions.
SCRIPTURE: Ruth 1; Acts 2:1–6

Week 2

BIG IDEA: God gives us hope.
SCRIPTURE: Ruth 2; Romans 5:1–5

Week 3

BIG IDEA: God gives us boldness.
SCRIPTURE: Ruth 3; Psalm 42

Week 4

BIG IDEA: God always takes care of us.
SCRIPTURE: Ruth 4; Psalm 16